R&M Wire Rope Hoists

R&M Materials Handling has over 85 years of experience in the overhead manual, electric chain hoists and wire rope hoists industry.

Pre-engineered, complete modular crane packages can be fitted with optional features and customized to fit the needs of individual customers.

Wire Rope Hoists range from ½ - 80 Ton Capacity. Spacemaster SX hoists offer the lowest headrooms and best wheel loads in the industry while providing near true verticals lifts with single reeved hoists.

The ideal solution for light to medium manufacturing, warehousing and oil & gas processing.

#1 Choice in the Americas Wire Rope Hoists range from ½ - 80 Ton Capacity.


Large-diameter hoist drum means easy positioning and closer approaches, with trolley motors designed for space savings and productivity.


Standard safety features that competitors don't offer or offer at extra cost.


Sealed brakes mean long-term value. Trolley design reduces wear on components.


Innovative gearbox provides dependable operation and extends equipment life. Larger hoist drum minimizes rope wear and enhances cooling.


The Spacemaster® SXs' unique hoist features include new low maintenance, sealed brakes, a two-speed hoist motor, and trolley inverter control.

The standard hoist nameplate will carry a CSA c/us rating as well as a NEMA 3R rating for electrical enclosures. Two-component epoxy paint is standard.

Spacemaster® SX hoists are designed to meet and exceed either ASME H3 or ASME H4 duty (FEM 1Am, 2m, or 3m) ratings and provide the ultimate in easy load handling, safe operation and lasting, trouble-free performance.

Normal Headroom

An ideal selection for monorails and jib crane applications. Hardened wheels for patented track applications are also available. (Shown with optional second holding brake)

Low Headroom

The best solution for single girder cranes; its compact design provides maximum space-efficiency.

Double Girder Trolley

Superior clearance and headroom for double girder crane applications

High capacity and special application hoists

  • Main hoist / auxiliary hoist on a common trolley
  • Double girder under running trolley
  • Motorized bottom block
  • Specialized controls
  • Double girder hoist rotated 90
  • Outdoor use / dusty environment
  • High altitude
  • Low connection double girder trolleys
  • EX Hazardous location hoists

    The Spacemaster® EX (explosion proof) electric wire rope hoist is the hazardous location version of the industry leading Spacemaster® SX hoist.

    An innovative design that includes a large drum diameter gives the Spacemaster® EX hoists the lowest headrooms and best wheel loads in the industry, while providing near true vertical lift with single reeving, as well as exceptional hook approaches and heights of lift.

    SXL Heavy lifting equipment 10 -250 ton capacity

  • 10-250 ton capacities
  • CMAA/ASME or FEM/ISO duty ratings
  • CSA certification
  • Compact double girder trolley with double reeving for true vertical lift
  • Dual trolley drives
  • All motors with thermal protection and D.C.disk brake
  • HoistMonitor® featuring overload protection and condition monitoring
  • Rope overwrap protection
  • Rotary limit switch and block operated upper limit switches
  • Long height of lifts and fast hoist speeds available
  • Inverter control for all motions
  • Hoist inverter with closed loop vector control
  • Trolley travel limit switch