Corporate Social Responsibility

Hot Lunch and Necessities distributed in South flood relief

On Sunday 29 October 2017, ProCom staff partnered with the Wallum Foundation, visiting the homes of residents who were affected by the widespread flooding in Southern Trinidad. Due to the high water level, many residents had become marooned within their homes.

As news began to spread of this unfolding situation, staff members and the company rallied together, donating cash which was used to purchase essential supplies.

Additionally, members of staff volunteered their time to prepare hot lunches, which were distributed to residents. Cases of water, foodstuff, toilet paper, mattresses and personal care items were also given to those in need.

Face-lift for Exchange RC Primary School

During the July / August 2017 annual vacation, Process Components Ltd. (ProCom) assisted in the refurbishment effort to upgrade the Exchange RC Primary School.

ProCom donated the paint for the project which focused on repainting the exterior walls of the school's building. The school, which has a student population of 280 students, was last painted 5 years ago.

Christopher Marquis, Principal (Ag) expressed his gratitude to ProCom's CEO, Mark Laughlin for supporting this initiative: "This is the second time ProCom has willingly given to the children of Couva; I'm immensely satisfied with their attitude towards our humble school".

Exchange RC students gifted with copy books

On September 6th, 2016, students of Exchange R.C. Primary School, Couva, were thrilled to receive free papered copy books and pens to start their new academic year. The school supplies were donated by Process Components Ltd. (ProCom)
The school boasts a rich historical and cultural background in Couva, having officially opening in 1923 and currently facilitates over 300 students. Willingly volunteering their time, ProCom's staff rallied together to wrap copybooks which were also distributed to families within surrounding communities.
Mark Laughlin, Chief Executive Officer, ProCom, stated his immediate intentions of turning the school supplies drive into an annual tradition. "Everyone should have access to the basic requirements for attending school, which ensures and secures a better future for each child" he said. Laughlin further expressed the need for more businesses to understand the importance of supporting the community, where a business thrives and operates daily.

Photo 1: Mark Laughlin, CEO, Process Components Ltd.(ProCom) hands over a stack of copybooks to Mr.Baptiste, Standard 4 Teacher, with some of his students looking on.
Photo 2: Staff of ProCom engaged in the tedious task of wrapping the books

Happy Bags for Cancer Patients

Our 2015 year end initiative focused on distributing "Happy" bags containing toiletries, motivational books and holistic information to patients of the St. James Medical Complex Radiotherapy Centre.

ProCom staff partnered with "The Dream Foundation for Children" and contributed financially to obtaining these necessary amenities.

Over two hundred women are currently receiving therapy and undergoing cancer treatment at the centre and the aim of this campaign was to give support and solidarity in their time of need.

ProCom Participates in ICC Beach Clean Up

On Saturday September 19th, ProCom partnered with the Trinidad and Tobago Energy Chamber to partake in the International Coastal Clean-up (ICC).

Working as a team alongside other corporate entities, ProCom staff walked the coastline of Quinam Beach, Siparia, and collected a total of 108lbs of garbage which included plastic bags and bottles, glass, containers, styrofoam cups and plates etc.

This day was designated worldwide, to be the largest volunteer effort to clean up the marine environment and many countries participated.

A Comfort Seat for the Elderly

As part of Christmas 2014 activities, ProCom focused on the practical needs for the Couva Home for the Aged. We identified that benches were needed by the residents to enjoy the nature of their surroundings, relax in the fresh air and partake in extracurricular activities.

Staff and Management contributed financially to ensure that no less than 4 benches were delivered to the home. The benches were delivered on Christmas Eve and the residents immediately came out of their housing units to sit and 'ole talk'.

"Our residents will definitely appreciate these benches, especially our older, more senior residents, who enjoy socializing and interacting with one another on an afternoon" stated a senior caregiver at the home.

Harmonium to Make Sweet Music

On 2nd December, 2014 ProCom representatives presented music teacher Mr. Sudesh Sooknarine of the Suchit Trace Hindu School with a Bina Model 17 harmonium.

The purpose of this donation is meant to facilitate the further development of the school's music programme. The school has shown consistent performance over the years in the Baal Vikaas competition (singing of bhajans, classical and folk singing etc.), having won first place this year 2014 in the Group B (small schools category) and placing second in the instrumental category.

"This new harmonium will play a vital role in teaching music to the kids", Mr. Sooknarine stated. During the handing over ceremony, the music class performed one of their winning songs and played instrumental music.

2014: Beach Cleanup

On Sunday 16th February, ProCom teamed up with Tank & Fuel Services for a beach cleanup exercise at Damien's Bay in Blanchisseuse.
The bay is a popular spot for surfers, but is also host to turtles during their nesting season.

2013: Christmas Hampers

This initiative brought smiles to two families who greatly appreciated the food hampers that were provided through the generous contributions of our staff members.

2013: Express Childrens' Fund Car Rally

On Sunday 18th August, 2013 ProCom participated in the Express Children's Fund Car Rally & Treasure Hunt; a charitable event to raise funds to send underprivileged kids to school.
Our creative staff pulled out all the stops to win the Best Car Depicting the ECF category.

2010: Chaguaramas Basketball Clean-up

We engaged in the clean-up of the basketball courts in the area to allow the community to utilise the facility