ProCom supplies high quality pressure and temperature gauges for industrial use.

These include Process Gauges, Liquid filled Gauges, Test Gauges, General Equipment and Special Application Gauges.


Ashcroft gauges have earned a reputation for dependability, a mainstay in the marketplace for over 150 years.
As a leading pressure and temperature instrumentation manufacturer, Ashcroft's expertise spans various sectors and applications, such as: process, industrial, digital, differential, commercial, test and sanitary gauges.

Crystal Engineering manufactures High Accuracy Digital Gauges, Pressue Testing and Data Logging Equipment for all process industries.

One of the world's leading suppliers of high quality, competitively priced pressure and temperature measurement products. Products include Pressure Gauges and Thermometors, Process Gauges, Diaphram Seals, Level Instruments and High-Purity Pressure Gauges and Switches.