Industrial Fan

Power Breezer

Power Breezer is the most effective, rugged and mobile Industrial Fan, engineered to cool outdoors and partially covered areas.

It combines jet engine technology with fluid dynamics to deliver the most powerful and focused air stream available. Atomizing technology creates tiny water droplets that easily evaporate for maximum cooling.

Total User Control: The Power Breezer gives users the ability to set moisture settings for climate and personal preferences. Users can control the variable speed and oscillation.

Perfect for: Sporting / Outdoor Events, Warehouse / Commercial, Industrial / Manufacturing, Outdoor Events / Hospitality.

At a glance, the Power Breezer:

  • Cools up to 3,000 sq. ft.
  • Reduces temperature by up to 27℉
  • Consumes less power than a hair dryer
  • Has variable fan speed, oscillation and misting features
  • Doesn't get users and equipment wet
  • Has 100 gallons reservoir - lasts up to 5 days
  • Doesn't need a hose connection
  • Is lightweight, easy to maneuver and set-up
  • Has a large open tank, easy to clean and maintain
  • Has no nozzles or filters to attract mildew and incur additional costs
  • Has Anti-Corrosive parts
  • Is built to withstand the toughest climates (sand, dust, heat, rain and humidity)

  • Download now -  Power Breezer Spec Sheet

    Breezer Oasys

    Breezer Oasys, a smaller version of the Power Breezer, enables you to extend comfort to outdoor entertainment, dining, and living spaces by creating cool, user-controlled environments - microclimates.

    Adapted from its more rugged "brother", The Power Breezer, the Breezer Oasys is durable and dependable. This sleek cooling unit is extremely mobile; its ergonomic design and large wheels make it easy to transport around patios and over grassy terrain.

    At a glance, the Breezer Oasys:

  • Cools a 1,500 sq. ft. area by up to 27℉
  • Has Push-button controls which gives users total control
  • Has an Oscillating head which cools a wide area
  • Is mobile, does not require installation

  • How it works:
    1. 1. Atomization Technology: Atomization technology creates microscopic droplets that evaporate to create cool air and cool your environment in a way that will never get you wet.
    2. 2. Quiet yet powerful: Oasys' fan was inspired by air force technology to provide the ultimate comfort, yet it was clearly engineered to be so quiet, even a librarian would approve.
    3. 3. Smooth Oscillation: Oscillation creates a wide ares of comfort - perfect for cooling outdoor events and gatherings.
    4. 4. Push-button controls: Easy-to-use push-puttons give the user control over the variable- speed fan, oscillation, and cooling.
    5. 5. Easy-to-fill reservoir: The Breezer Oasys' 19 gallon reservior was designed to be easy to fill and maintain. One fill will last for 2 days of run time at 8 hours per day.
    6. 6. Smooth-rolling lockable casters: The Oasys is equipped with smooth rolling casters, another feature that helps with ease of movement and make it easy to palce anywhere! But don't let it roll away... secure the Oasys with its lockable casters.

    Download now -  Breezer Oasys Spec Sheet