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ProCom Acquires FT Farfan's Rigging Division

"This is a strategic move that will immediately propel ProCom as the unrivalled leader in the Rigging Supply business in Trinidad". So said Mark Laughlin, CEO of Process Components Limited (ProCom), as he explained the logic behind the significant acquisition which became effective on March 31st, 2016 at his Pt. Lisas office. Signing on behalf of FT Farfan Limited was Alan Fitzwilliam, Managing Director and Derek Cumming, Director - Industrial Group.

According to Laughlin, ProCom's Rigging customers can expect to receive an enhanced service and added value from the acquisition which included all the assets of FT Farfan's Rigging Division.

"We are excited because of the tremendous potential that exists in the Industry. This, coupled with our commitment to integrity, innovation and performance, makes us confident that this transaction will enable ProCom to continue to distinguish itself and meet the needs of our stakeholders better than before. Additionally, we will be welcoming six (6) of Farfan's top performing staff who will complement our already proven and talented team."

When asked about this significant investment during a "recession", Laughlin was optimistic about the future of his company. "We see this time as an opportunity to invest in our business and it has been proven that companies that master the delicate balance between cutting costs to survive today and investing to grow tomorrow are amongst the most successful".

ProCom Celebrates Occupational, Safety and Health Week (OSH) 2016

Safety doesn't happen by accident. On Thursday, April 28th, ProCom celebrated OSH Week 2016 by hosting a Safety Fair for the very first time on its compound. This open forum was used as a platform to further educate and nurture the growth of the HSE culture within the organisation.

Staff, clients and the public were invited to experience the Seat Belt Convincer. The Seat Belt Convincer is an easy-to-use educational tool that allows drivers to experience force, up to 5 times their body weight, similar to that of a 5-7 mph crash.

Lectures on fire safety and demonstrations featuring the life saving tools and techniques used by firefighters, including the Jaws of Life, were presented by the T&T Fire Service.